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Pure Romance by Stephanie Hickey

Vaginal Dilator Combo

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Vaginal Dilator Set

● Six, 100% silicone tapered dilators slowly stretch the walls of the vagina.
● Designed for those who experience vulvovaginal pain or discomfort.
● Intended for self-guided use or in conjunction with a medical provider’s recommendation.
● Can help increase comfort during intercourse.
● Size #1: Length: 2.5 in./6.5 cm. Girth 2 in./4 cm. Diameter: 0.6 in.
● Size #2: Length: 3 in./8 cm. Girth 2.5 in./6.5 cm. Diameter: 0.8 in.
● Size #3: Length: 3.5 in./9 cm. Girth 2.75 in./7 cm. Diameter: 0.9 in.
● Size #4: Length: 4.25 in./11 cm. Girth 3.25 in./8 cm. Diameter: 1 in.
● Size #5: Length: 5.25 in./13.5 cm. Girth 4 in./10.5 cm. Diameter: 1.3 in.
● Size #6: Length: 6 in./15.5 cm. Girth 5 in./13 cm. Diameter: 1.6 in.

Ultra-long-lasting and silky smooth, Pure Pleasure silicone-based lubricant is designed to enhance every sexual experience. This highly concentrated formula is water resistant and won’t absorb quickly into the skin like a water-based lubricant, so it’s perfect for fulfilling your fantasies all night (and all day) long. Find the joy of Pure Pleasure in the shower, while you indulge in anal play, or during your tried-and-true moves.

Ordinary soaps can dry out and even damage the surfaces of your intimate accessories, so protect your investment in pleasure with a cleanser made especially for your Pure Romance toys. Formulated to gently cleanse, protect, and polish, Cleansing Mist is essential in helping prevent the growth of bacteria and keeping your toy collection as good as new. Simply rinse your toy after use, spritz generously with Cleansing Mist, then rinse again and pat dry.



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