Sexy doesn't start when the lights go out. It starts the moment the sun comes up.

  • haven't owned too many vibrators, but when my last one died, I needed a replacement. I decided to try this one since it had so many great reviews. They are not wrong! I see stars everytime I use this. Best.Orgasms.EVER! Definitely add this beauty to your collection, you will need lots of water to rehydrate after using it!


  • This product is amazing! Just what we need to have in the bedroom sweet taste and just enough so there’s no gag and it’s a win win for the both of us


  • i have two cats, and anyone who owns cats would know that cat scratches are the worst, surficial but hurts and lasts a long time, i use this on all my scratches and it helps them heal so much quicker. definitely worth the investment,